Sunday, 6 October 2013

Portia de rossi vegan

Portia de rossi vegan
Portia de rossi vegan, If you’ve been watching the new season of Arrested Development, which Netflix released on May 26, you’ve probably noticed something different about Portia De Rossi’s character, Lindsay Bluth. Right after the new season aired, the internet was buzzing with rumors of plastic surgery. Critics reported that De Rossi appeared on Netflix with a drastically different appearance, one that could only be achieved through plastic surgery.

It is undeniable that De Rossi’s character’s look has changed, but she swears that she has never gone under the knife. She told People Magazine in April, “The one thing I don’t wanna do is chase what I looked like at 20.”

So then what’s the deal with the new look? De Rossi credits her vegan diet for her youthful appearance! She’s been vegan for the past five years and claims that her love for plant-based foods is the reason for her youthful complexion and overall look. De Rossi told O Magazine that her vegan diet makes her “feel happier, like I’m contributing to making the world a less violent place.”

Portia De Rossi and her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, are very outspoken about their vegan lifestyle. Their goal is to inform people of plant-based diets and help to improve the lives and health of everyone around them.

What has been your experience with veganism in regards to your overall appearance? Do you think De Rossi’s new look could be thanks to her diet? Share what you think!

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