Monday, 11 November 2013

Girlfriend Sues Over Powerball Win

Girlfriend Sues Over Powerball Win

Girlfriend Sues Over Powerball Win, A New Jersey man who won a $338 million Powerball jackpot, among the largest lottery winnings, is embroiled in a court fight with his former girlfriend over the money.

Pedro Quezada of Passaic was the sole winner of the Powerball drawing last spring, worth about $152 million after taxes.

His lawyer argues that Inez Sanchez has no claim to the money because the couple were never married.

But attorneys for Sanchez say Quezada purchased the ticket based on the couple's shared earnings. Sanchez and Quezada lived together for 10 years, have a child together, and shared ownership of a grocery store in Passaic, attorneys say.

Superior Court Chancery Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh refused to dismiss the lawsuit and she denied a request from Sanchez to freeze Quezada's lottery winnings, pending the outcome of a trial to determine if she is entitled to a share of the money, The Record reported Saturday.

The judge said Friday that while the couple's relationship was long-term and Sanchez contributed to the household, the court has no legal framework for restraining Quezada's assets.

Sanchez has moved out of the recently purchased Clifton home the couple shared and has filed a domestic violence claim against Quezada, The Record reported. Quezada's attorney declined to comment on that claim.

Sanchez's attorney says that a large chunk of the lottery winnings is already gone, claiming $57 million has been sent to Quezada's native Dominican Republic, $5 million was given away, $300,000 was spent on the home in Clifton, and $20 million can't be located, the newspaper reported.

Rebecca Romijn John Stamos

Rebecca Romijn John Stamos

Rebecca Romijn John Stamos, Eight years after she and John Stamos parted ways, Rebecca Romijn is content with her life -- exactly as it is.
Married to Jerry O'Connell since 2007 and mom to twin daughters Dolly and Charlie, 4, Romijn said she is constantly amazed by her daughters -- and glad they get on so well.

"I am done having kids," Romijn, 41, said. "Two was always the goal, and we got that and here we are."

Fortunately, Dolly and Charlie entertain themselves.

"They are very good friends," Romijn said. "They are each other's best playdates."

"They keep each other such great company and they play so well but they also fight and it turns on a dime, she said. "I'm constantly admiring them and then breaking up fights but they are each other's best company."

As for her old life with Stamos, Romijn said she doesn't keep in touch with her ex, to whom she was married from 1998 to 2005.

"I have no idea what is going on with him these days," she said.

Jessica Biel Lance Bass

Jessica Biel Lance Bass

Jessica Biel Lance Bass, Actress Jessica Biel is helping her gay friend Lance Bass prepare for his upcoming nuptials. A week after Biel, who is married to Justin Timberlake, and Bass attended the wedding of the boys' 'N SYNC bandmate Chris Kirkpatrick on 2 November (13), the pop star-turned-radio personality has revealed the actress has come up with some great ideas for his big day. Bass, who proposed to boyfriend Michael Turchin in September (13), says, "We were sitting there talking to Jessie Biel, and she gave us a lot of great pointers. She had some really great ideas. "One really cool idea she had was that, on the invites - because we love our onesies - send out personalised onesies to all our guests, so that at midnight after the reception it turns into a pajama party. How fun would that be? I think we might be doing that one. That was something we both loved." The gay star tells Us Weekly he and Turchin are likely to tie the knot next October (14), adding, "We’ve slowly but surely started planning it."

Jessica Alba Startup

Jessica Alba Startup

Jessica Alba Startup, The Honest Company today announced that it has raised $25 million in new venture capital funding, led by existing investor Institutional Venture Partners. This is the Los Angeles-based maker of branded all-natural/non-toxic diapers and other baby and kids products, whose co-founders include actress Jessica Alba and ShoeDazzle/LegalZoom founder Brian Lee.

Other investors include General Catalyst Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and ICONIQ Capital.
We spent some time discussing the deal with IVP principal Eric Liaw, who is taking an Honest Co. board seat in connection with the transaction. A few notes:

1. This is an unusual investment for IVP, in that it is a growth-stage investor that has now participated in both a Series A and Series B round. Liaw largely chalks that up to IVP's past relationship with Lee via a 2011 LegalZoom investment. "Yeah, it's a little outside our sweet spot, but we were very attracted to the team," Liaw explains. "Brian Lee is a successful serial entrepreneur, and we really believe Honest can be bigger than any of the other companies he's founded."

2. On investing in a company whose president is a working actress: "It was something we talked about at the outset, but it hasn't been much of an issue. Her time is a bit more unorthodox than the typical founder, but just she and [fellow co-founder] Chris Gavigan were in Canada for a full week making a press tour announcing our launch. At the end of the day, everyone is multi-tasking, but the time commitment is certainly there."

3. Liaw sees this as the company's final round of outside funding. He believes that its next two major execution challenges are expanding its in-store retail presence (it has been running a test in Cosco since the summer) and international expansion (beyond the recent Canada launch). No word yet on where the next market will be, although Liaw says that an English-speaking market -- such as the UK or Australia -- may make the most sense.

Harold Jellicoe Percival

Harold Jellicoe Percival

HAROLD Jellicoe Percival will get a decent send of at his funeral. Mr Percival was part of The Dambusters 617 Squadron ground crew. Their mission of May 1943 has been celebrated ever since.

He died age 99.

He never married. He had no children.

So. The nurses and staff at Alistre Lodge Nursing Home in Lytham St Annes in Lancashire, where he died, placed an advert calling for people to attend his funeral (above). Like many others, we spotted it.

Nursing home manager Lorraine Holt tells BBC:

“Late last night we had a call from a soldier on leave from Afghanistan who said he wanted to attend. Then an 80-year-old lady from London who served in the RAF called us to say she was attending. The response has been absolutely incredible. Our local police have been in touch asking if we need any traffic control on the day of his funeral after hearing how many people are due to attend. We’re going to open the nursing home for anybody who wants to come after the service, but I’m not sure how we’ll cope with so many people.”

Davis Boothman, secretary for the RAF Association Leyland branch, adds: “We normally do try and make a showing at these times. It is important that we remember people like Harold – they are part of us.”

Harold Percival l The Funeral Of Harold Jellicoe Percival Makes Many Remember

Mr Percival’s great-nephew and great-niece will be at his funeral. His nephew lives in Australia. He’s called  David Worsell. He can’t make it. He says:

“He worked in Australia for a number of years as a decorator and would visit England for holidays. He travelled around England with only his backpack. He didn’t have a postal address – he just used to get everything sent to my mother’s address and would go through it when they met up. He lived with us on and off in Australia and New Zealand. He loved cricket and taught my son how to spin bowl…

“I managed to trace him six months ago and sent him photos of when he lived with us. We always had a Coe’s (Harold Jellicoe Percival) room wherever we lived as he could turn up at any time.”

Shame he couldn’t make it.

Kate Beckinsale Knox

Kate Beckinsale Knox, The 40-year-old actress, who's perhaps best known on the big screen for her blockbuster Underworld franchise, is taking an indie turn in director Michael Winterbottom's movie about the highly publicized Amanda Knox murder trial,The Face of an Angel, which shot in Rome over the weekend.

In it, Beckinsale plays a journalist who teams up with a documentary filmmaker (Rush's Daniel Brühl) to uncover the mystery of who killed British student Meredith Kercher, a controversial case which has sharply divided public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic, especially after Knox and her ex Raffaele Sollecito had their convictions overturned.

And by the looks of the set photos that have surfaced, Kate's taking her latest gig quite seriously as she was spotted at Rosati bar and restaurant in the Piazza del Popolo on Sunday, wearing a blue jacket, denim jeans, white T-shirt, lavender cashmere scarf and carrying a navy blue handbag.

She and her 35-year-old costar sat down at a table and filmed a scene in which they presumably talked about the slaying.

And if you ask Beckinsale, she's not concerned in the least that her latest flick will ruffle any feathers given its sensitive subject matter, particularly among the case's critics and bloggers online.

"Don't think I haven't had my share of nutters," the British thesp told the Telegraph in an interview.  "I've worn latex head-to-toe in three movies, after all."

That's partly because The Face of an Angel is not so much about Knox and Kercher and the events of that terrible night as it is about her and Brühl's characters, who are on the periphery and loosely based on real-life figures.
"My character plays a sort of Virgil, a guide who leads the director through this dark world," said the Total Recall star.

The Face of an Angel is slated to hits theaters later next year.

Tom Cruise Afghanistan

Tom Cruise Afghanistan, Happy Veterans Day! Tom Cruise Says Acting Is Just Like Serving In Afghanistan. While I watch elementary school kids (No Jacko.) sing a tribute to veterans this morning, here’s Tom Cruise stepping in even more shit thanks to his $50 million lawsuit against In Touch. Which is what happens whenever Tom Cruise is put in a situation where he has to give non-scripted human reactions to questions that weren’t pre-screened by a team of Scientology publicists who understand the first rule of Scientology is never talk about Scientology because Scientology is crazy. TMZ reports:

First, the Middle East — Tom says his location shoots are just like serving a tour in Afghanistan, “That’s what it feels like. And certainly on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal.”
As for his physical training, Tom said, “There is difficult physical stamina and preparation. Sometimes I’ve spent months, a year, and sometimes two years preparing for a single film.” But the kicker, he adds, “A sprinter for the Olympics, they only have to run two races a day. When I’m shooting, I could potentially have to run 30, 40 races a day, day after day.”

Naturally, Tom’s team has already started claiming he was taken out of context and is a proud supporter of the troops. In fact, if some of them would like Tom Cruise to personally visit them in their bunks, it’d be his honor as a freedom-loving America who will one day vanquish us all with his Tachyon Stare. Via People:

Cruise’s legal team says the quotes made public by their opponents in the $50 million fight are only part of a much longer deposition. They also say an unreleased video made of the proceeding clearly shows that Cruise wasn’t being serious.
“As the video shows, he and the lawyer were laughing at his answer, and, when asked in the next question if the situations were comparable, Tom said, ‘Oh, come on,’ meaning of course not,” Fields continues.

Of course, the presumption here is that obviously Tom Cruise would never compare his work to serving a military tour in the Middle East because he’s a sane and rational man who didn’t just admit that the religion he devotes more time and energy to than his own daughter literally views his ex-wife as Hitler and believes he has the power of telekinesis- holy shit, did that pen just move?

Kim Kardashian Sweet Tweet

Kim Kardashian Sweet Tweet, Kim Kardashian is really taking well to motherhood. The new mom 33-year-old reality star recently blogged about how much she's enjoying being a mom to daughter North West.

In a more candid statement, Kim took to her Twitter to gush about her feelings for her beautiful baby girl.

"Moms- do u ever want to wake up your baby to give him or her kisses? i want to soooooooo bad right now, but she's so peaceful sleeping," she wrote.

Aww...we love seeing the softer side of Kim!

Earlier this weekend, Kim and fiance Kanye West were seen strolling around Santa Barbara with little Nori in tow--no wonder she was to tired!

Peyton Manning Mri Results

Peyton Manning Mri Results, A person with knowledge of the results says Peyton Manning’s MRI showed aggravation of his right ankle that is not expected to keep the Broncos quarterback out of next Sunday’s game against Kansas City.
The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the team hasn’t addressed the issue. Interim coach Jack Del Rio meets with the media Monday afternoon.

He had an MRI on Monday morning.

Manning originally hurt both ankles last month.
The Denver Post had first reported the results of the MRI.
After Sunday’s game, Manning said the time off during last week’s bye helped “but I imagine I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow.”

Manning threw four touchdown passes to bring his season total to 33 — tied with Tom Brady for the most after nine games in NFL history.

With Chris Clark subbing for All-Pro left tackle Ryan Clady, who’s on IR following a foot operation, Manning has been hit from his blindside and fumbled in Denver’s last three games.

Those protection issues are a big concern with the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs up next. The Chiefs lead the league with 36 sacks, including 11 by Justin Houston and 9 by Tamba Hali.

Manning missed some practice time before the Washington game two weeks ago and it’s possible he’ll be limited or sit out some workouts this week, too.

Dutch Royal Family

Dutch Royal Family, Royal family have been pelted with tomatoes while on a state visit to Russia.

King Willem-Alexander and his wife, Queen Maxima, were on their way to a concert in Moscow on Saturday when they became the target of a protest by Russian opposition activists.

None of the fruit hit the king or queen, according to reports from the state-run Ria Novosti news agency.

Eduard Limonov, the leader of the banned National Bolshevik party, said two of his group’s members were responsible for the incident, and were subsequently arrested.

Mr Limonov said today that the protest was carried out to draw attention to the death of a fellow activist, Alexander Dolmatov, who committed suicide in a Dutch detention centre in January.

After taking  part in a protest in May 2012 against President Vladimir Putin, Mr Dolmatov was arrested and then subsequently released. Fearing re-arrest based on charges faced by other activists, Mr Dolmatov fled.

Making his way to the Netherlands, the activist sought asylum from political persecution. His request was rejected, and he was placed in a holding centre where he then killed himself.

Yesterday’s protest came after the Dutch king met Mr Putin in the Kremlin on Friday.

On the surface, the visit has celebrated the historical ties that exist between Russia and the Netherlands. But the pair are also believed to have discussed a number of issues which, in recent months, have seen the relationship between the two countries deteriorate.

Foremost among them is the still unresolved issue of Russia’s seizure of a Dutch-registered Greenpeace ship which was protesting against Arctic drilling at a Gazprom oil rig.

Trader Joes Recall

Trader Joes Recall, More than 90 tons of ready-to-eat salads and sandwiches by a California catering company are being recalled after 26 people in three states were sickened by a bacterial strain of E. coli linked to its products, federal health officials said Sunday.

Richmond-based Glass Onion Catering are recalling approximately 181,620 pounds of salads and sandwich wraps containing cooked chicken and ham, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service said.

The recall lists Walgreens, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods as companies that received the items. The products were produced between Sept. 23 and Nov. 6, and were shipped to distribution centers in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Texas. The Contra Costa Times reports the company supplies food to Trader Joe's, Super Fresh Goods and Delish.

Products regulated by FSIS bear the establishment number "P-34221" inside the USDA mark of inspection. FSIS products subject to recall include:

- 12 oz. packages of "delish pan pacific chop salad

- 13.4 oz. packages of "delish California style grilled chicken salad

- 9.9 oz. packages of "delish uncured applewood smoked ham & cheese wrap

- 10.5 oz. packages of "delish grilled chicken caesar wrap" - 10.9 oz. packages of "delish southwestern chicken wrap

- 11.5 oz. packages of "delish greek brand low-calorie grilled chicken wrap

- 9.9 oz. packages of "delish white chicken club wrap

- 11.2 oz. packages of "delish asian style chicken wrap

- 13.4 oz. packages of "atherstone Fine Foods Southwestern Style White Chicken Wrap with Chimichurri Sauce

- 10.5 oz. packages of "atherstone Fine Foods Asian Style White Chicken Wrap with Mango Vinaigrette

- 9.9 oz. packages of "atherstone Fine Foods Grilled White Chicken Caesar Wrap with Caesar Dressing

- 10.7 oz. packages of "super fresh Foods California Grilled Chicken Salad, Low Fat Mendocino Mustard Dressing

- 10.7 oz. packages of "Lunch Spot Southwestern Style Chicken Wrap, Chile & Lime Dressing

- 9.2 oz. packages of "super fresh Foods Pan Pacific Chopped Chicken Salad, Ginger Soy Dressing

- 10.7 oz. plastic containers of "TRADER JOE'S Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken.

- 11 oz. plastic containers of "TRADER JOE'S MEXICALI SALAD with Chili Lime Chicken.

The FSIS said it began monitoring a cluster of illnesses involving E. coli O157:H7 on Oct. 29 and then was notified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that California authorities had reported people sickened from eating pre-packaged salads with grilled chicken.

In Washington, three people who were sickened with the bacterium told investigators they ate ready-to-eat salads from Trader Joe's, said Tim Church, a spokesman with the state's Department of Health.

The FSIS says the bacteria can cause dehydration, bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps two to eight days after being exposed to it. While most people recover within a week, some develop kidney failure.