Saturday, 19 October 2013

‘Duck Dynasty’ dudes without beards: Cuter?

‘Duck Dynasty’ dudes without beards: Cuter
‘Duck Dynasty’ dudes without beards: Cuter?, The “Duck Dynasty” dudes might be known for their bushy beards, but they didn’t always have such hairy faces. Life & Style magazine found a never-before-seen 2001 family pic that shows they once looked like a clean-cut boy band.

One Direction, eat your heart out.

They might have one of the most popular shows on cable TV – and earn a net $45 million from their duck-call biz alone this year, the magazine reports – but the Robertson guys are the same good ol’ boys they’ve always been, a family friend tells the mag.

“They’ve all stayed pretty much the same over the years, even with the fame and fortune,” the source says. “They’re all so grounded.

“Willie has always been the jokester of the family. Alan is the only one who kept the clean-cut look. And Jase and Jep have always been quieter and more reserved than their brother Willie.”

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