Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, One would think that a booze-filled wedding on a yacht in St.-Tropez would be the secret to lasting happiness, but Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock proved that despite their tropical nuptials, marriage isn't always smooth sailing.

After an on-and-off romance from 2001 to '03, the couple rekindled their relationship in early July 2006.

A few weeks later, they married in true rock-star style with Anderson in a white string bikini and Rock in a white T-shirt and baseball cap.

But the whirlwind marriage came to a screeching halt in November 2006, when Rock and Anderson literally raced each other to the courthouse to file divorce papers. He beat her to it by 53 minutes.

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