Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kathie lee gifford frank

Kathie lee gifford frank
Kathie lee gifford frank, I said, ‘Tell me, did you have an affair with her?’ He goes, ‘I can’t remember! Maybe?’ . . . It’s not true, that particular one — although the man is capable of it, as you know.”

 Kathie Lee Gifford boldly standing up for her husband on “Today” – with a few passive-aggressive digs — after a juicy anecdote hit the tabloids from lawyer Henry Bushkin’s memoir about the time back in the early ’70s when his client Johnny Carson was convinced his then-wife was having an affair with Frank Gifford. (Of course, this was years before he and Kathie Lee wed — though a tabloid did catch him running around back in 1997. Is that what Kathie means by “capable of it”? Hmm.)

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