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Celebrity weights

Celebrity weights
Celebrity weights, How much does that celebrity weigh?

Sure, everyone supposedly lies about their weight, but does that include celebrities? Recently, the former stars of "Baywatch" said they had to maintain their fit figures during the show's run or they would have been out of a job. Keep reading to see whether you can guess the alleged weight of these famous folks.

Pamela Anderson

The "Barb Wire" actress has always maintained a fit figure. One reason for this was her involvement with this syndicated TV show, but another reason could be her adherence to this lifestyle practice.


The “Rolling in the Deep” singer and Grammy winner has talked about trying to maintain a healthy body image in a superficial music industry.

Terry Bradshaw

The “Fox NFL Sunday” co-host and former quarterback  became a spokesperson for this company when he gained weight after his retirement.

George W. Bush

The 43rd president’s fitness routine included biking and running while he was commander-in-chief and he now hosts an annual ride for wounded veterans.

Tom Cruise

The 51-year-old actor ― rumored to need a little help to look taller ― has been known to perform his own stunts .

Neil Patrick Harris

The “How I Met Your Mother” actor, who got his start as a teenage television star, has grown up in the public eye.

Derek Jeter

The New York Yankees' shortstop has stayed healthy enough to play in the majors for almost two decades.

Scarlett Johansson

The 28-year-old actress known for her curves  responded to extreme-weight-loss rumors in a 2009 column.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The gargantuan professional wrestler-turned actor  made his big-screen debut in this action flick.

Stacy Keibler

The “Dancing With the Stars” contestant  known for her long legs  started her showbiz career in a completely different arena.

Heidi Klum

The new “America’s Got Talent” host  became a household name as a statuesque supermodel.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer-actress  showed off her ample assets in a controversial dress  at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

John Mayer

The 35-year-old “Gravity” singer is known for dating several famous ladies, including a pop star and an A-list actress.

President Barack Obama

The 44th president played this sport in high school but has spent many hours participating in another pastime since moving to Washington, D.C.

Shaquille O’Neal

The hulking former NBA player (how tall is he?) was drafted by this team in 1992 and went on to win several championships.

J.K. Rowling

The “Harry Potter” author has been working in a new medium since the end of the popular literary and film series.

Kevin Smith

The writer-actor-director complained on Twitter in 2010 about a dispute with this airline over him being “too fat” to fly.

Tim Tebow

The popular NFL quarterback  was drafted by this AFC team in 2010, and after a brief stint as backup on this bench, he was signed to a Super Bowl contender -- but he's now a free agent.

Denzel Washington

The hunky, 58-year-old Oscar winner  caught Hollywood’s attention as Dr. Philip Chandler on a 1980s hospital drama.

Emma Watson

The 23-year-old "Harry Potter" actress grew up on the big screen and, after forays into modeling and college, is now tackling more adult roles. 

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