Sunday, 6 October 2013

Raja bell vegetarian

Raja bell vegetarian
Raja bell vegetarian, Raja Bell has been a vegetarian since 1978, which is a lot longer than I have. He doesn't eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, any kind of shellfish, eggs, or cheese, except on pizza. He doesn't share my love of Boca's fake meat products; he's just not that interested in meat. He'll sometimes eat veggie burgers, but he finds them "to be either really good or horrible." The best veggie burgers he's ever had are from St. Croix, and so he has those whenever he goes home. I didn't know that.

I asked Boris Diaw about his favorite cheese. He didn't seem to like the question much. He asked if I wanted to talk about basketball. Anyhow, concerning cheese, he said he likes "a lot of different ones. Usually, the more the smell, the more you get. Usually." He said he likes Roquefort, all kinds of Brie, Camembert and goat cheese. He said it's hard to find good stuff in Phoenix, but that he manages ok.

(As an example of how well this conversation went, here's what Diaw said when I asked him to compare Steve Nash and Gilbert: "Steve's a little smaller. He's got longer hair.")

Pat Burke, by the way, knows David Beckham a bit from when they both played in Real Madrid. The basketball and soccer teams would go out together, plus there would be joint banquets and all that.

"I've never seen anything like it," Burke said of Beckham's fame. "We used to come out of practices, there would be literally four buses outside of our gym, because our gym was right next to the soccer compound. So there'd be four buses just sitting there. Every background: Chinese people, of course there were Spanish people there, there would be Italian people, Germans, and they're all just sitting there, trying to get a glimpse....It was unbelievable."

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