Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kathie lee gifford

Kathie lee gifford
Kathie lee gifford, Kathie Lee Gifford denies on the 'Today' show that her husband Frank Gifford had an affair with Johnny Carson's wife years ago.

Kathie Lee Gifford responded to the "huge" New York headline involving her husband Frank Gifford and a cheating affair in a "Today" show segment Tuesday morning.

The morning show host, 60, and chat partner Hoda Kotb addressed the rumor that Gifford's husband had an affair with Johnny Carson's second wife Joanne in the 1970s.

The explosive allegation was made by Carson's former lawyer Henry Bushkin in his new tell-all memoir due out Oct. 15, focusing on Bushkin's time working with the late-night legend.

Gifford said she spoke to her husband of nearly 30 years by phone.It’s not true,’ Gifford said, clarifying that Carson’s wife and her husband were friends.

"He said, 'Do you believe this?'" she said. "I said 'tell me … it was a long time ago, did you have an affair with her?'"
The bubbly blond joked that her husband didn't recall if anything happened with Carson's wife.
"He said, 'I can't remember. Maybe?'" she said.

"No, but it's not true, that particular one," she continued. "Although the man is capable of this, you know."The ‘Today’ correspondent has been married to former NFL great Frank Gifford since 1986. They got married more than 15 years after the alleged cheating would have happened.

"He was friends with Joanne," she clarified.
The "Today" correspondent has been married to the NFL legend since 1986, more than 15 years after the alleged cheating scandal would have taken place.

"It's never dull in our house," she quipped. With that, Gifford put the rumor to rest.
Later on she briefly came back to the topic saying that her husband was "accused of it with everybody."Johnny Carson’s second wife Joanne Copeland had a secret affair with Frank Gifford, according to Carson’s former lawyer Henry Bushkin’s new tell-all.

"When you look like Brad Pitt," Gifford said, while Kotb finished her sentence saying "people accuse you of these things."

According to the book, Carson and his lawyer broke into Joanne Copeland's secret Manhattan apartment where she was reportedly romancing Frank Gifford.

The former "Tonight Show" host broke down crying, according to Bushkin, in a way described as a "painfully uncomfortable moment" when he discovered items such as men's clothing and lingerie at the apartment.
"I realized that I was probably one of the very few people who had ever seen Johnny Carson cry," Bushkin writes.
Bushkin also claimed that Carson was brandishing a ".38 revolver in a holster on his hip," though it's unclear whether or not the comedian planned to use it on his wife or Gifford.

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