Sunday, 6 October 2013

Famous Vegetarians

Famous Vegetarians
Famous Vegetarians, In honor of World Vegetarian Day, were looking at those who have chosen a meat-free lifestyle. Test your celebrity knowledge, and see if you can pick out the famous vegetarian.

Hip-hop artists

This Grammy-winning rapper was once voted "World's Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian" by PETA .

Game show hosts

This long-time game show host ended every episode of his show with a reminder for people with pets , which also promoted one of his activist causes.

NBA players

A vegetarian since childhood, this NBA star recently became a free agent .

Former United States presidents

This former U.S. president moved into the White House the same year a blockbuster science fiction movie hit the theaters.

Talk show hosts

This talk show host will host a major Hollywood awards show (what show?) for the second time in 2014.

Former child stars

This former child star was known to hang out with a legendary pop star (who?), who may have influenced his vegetarian choice.

Sitcom stars

This sitcom star dated a co-star  from his current show, though they are no longer together.

Oscar-winning actresses

This Oscar-winning actress just celebrated her wedding anniversary in September.

Gold medal Olympic winners

This Olympic athlete has won nine gold medals and one silver medal .

Film directors

This movie director first found success with an independent film based on life in his hometown.

Superhero actors

This superhero actor once dated his comic book co-star.

Fashion designers

In addition to her vegetarian diet, this fashion designer does not use animal products such as leather and fur in her designs.

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast members

This former "Saturday Night Live" cast member joined the show with a friend and stayed for nine seasons.

Fashion models

This fashion model was a cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and appeared in five editions.

Rock singers

This rock legend is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  and has multiple Grammy Awards and an Academy Award.

Married celebrities

This married couple met while filming a television pilot that never aired  and have worked together several times.

Female country singers

This beautiful country singer donated one million dollars to relief efforts for a natural disaster in her home state

Famous actor directors

This actor/director once directed a video for a singer  who starred in one of his films.

Former NFL players

This former NFL player started working as an on-air football analyst for a television station devoted to his alma mater

Billionaire businessman

This billionaire businessman is a known art collector and recently sold a painting  to another wealthy businessman.

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