Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Duke basketball guns

Duke basketball guns
Duke basketball guns, The Duke basketball team will fire off a lot of shots this season. Normally they’ll be doing so with a basketball, though.

Mike Krzyzewski took his team on a trip to his alma mater over the weekend, showing them around Army’s West Point campus and giving them a quick snapshot into the life of a cadet. The players even got some hands-on experience with weapons during a special gun simulation training for the team on campus.

Freshman sensation Jabari Parker and his teammates were taken through an instructional program on how to properly use the guns, then they were given the go-ahead to get position on the ground with their assigned assault rifles and fire off some rounds for target practice.

The players seemed excited by the opportunity, posing with the weapons as if they were getting ready to defend against the zombie apocalypse.

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