Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dakota Johnson Ready For “Grey” Role, Even Without Hunnam

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson Ready For “Grey” Role, Even Without Hunnam, Dakota Johnson is still all in when it comes to her “Fifty Shades Of Grey” role, even though her Christian Grey has decided to leave the project.

Johnson was reportedly chosen to play Anastasia Steele because of her chemistry with Charlie Hunnam, but now that he’s dropped out, producers will likely be choosing the cast around her. As for Hunnam, he’s said he can’t take the role because he feels his television schedule (“Sons Of Anarchy”) won’t allow him to prepare for the film; however, Hunnam has taken a lot of heat over the past several weeks for taking the role, since many fans don’t think he’s right to play Grey. Even some of his SOA costars were surprised when the news was announced.

“When he told me that it was happening or that he was considering it I just howled. I mean I think we all did. We’re all like, what?” said Maggie Siff, who plays Hunnam’s onscreen wife Tara on the show. “And then I talked to him seriously about it. I think he’s very brave to it. He doesn’t do anything unless he feels it deep down. He’s not going to do something because all of his agents are telling him to do something. That’s what makes me think it stands a chance of being really, really great. If he has that conviction going in, then you know it’ll be great.”

The film will definitely require a star who isn’t afraid of scrutiny or the spotlight, and a source says that may be what Hunnam is trying to avoid.

“More than anything he hates attention and being in Fifty Shades of Grey would force him to do lots of media,” the source said. “That’s really not his thing. Charlie doesn’t want to be massively famous. Plus, he hates conforming and being told what to do. This role would force him to have to be something he is not.”

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