Sunday, 6 October 2013

Carrie underwood vegan

Carrie underwood vegan
Carrie underwood vegan, Carrie Underwood is once again speaking out about her vegetarian diet, and this time she’s letting everyone know just how easy it really is.

The country singing sensation recently told Stylist magazine, “I am 100 percent vegetarian, but I try my best to be vegan. It’s getting better.”

Some might think it’s difficult to maintain a meat-free diet, especially when eating at a restaurant, but Underwood disagrees.

“There are so many restaurants that will work with you – even steakhouses. My husband [NHL player Mike Fisher] loves to eat meat and there’s a place called King Prime that we like to go to,” she also old Stylist. “They’re always really nice to me and give me veggies if I ask for them. There’s loads of newer restaurants in [Nashville districts] East Nashville and The Gulch that will cater for you too…”

Underwood first revealed she gave up meat when she was a little girl, after seeing calves being castrated by her parents on her Oklahoma farm. She said, “Mom after that was so mad at me cause I quit eating what the family ate. I couldn’t eat those precious cows. They were my babies. I bottle fed some of them. And now I knew where they went.”

It’s great to see a superstar like Underwood stand up for what she believes in, and put faith in others struggling with vegetarian or vegan diets.

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