Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beyond: Two Souls' debuts for PlayStation 3

Beyond: Two Souls' debuts for PlayStation 3
Beyond: Two Souls' debuts for PlayStation 3, Beyond: Two Souls,” was released on Tuesday for Playstation 3 and it is drawing rave reviews.

The game stars Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, a mysterious young woman tied to paranormal powers, and Willem Dafoe as Nathan Dawkins, a government researcher who has been linked to Jodie since she was a little girl.

With “Beyond,” the game’s creator, David Cage, builds on his previous works “Heavy Rain” and “Indigo Prophecy,” in an attempt to create a game that is meant to be played and enjoyed by adults.

"By the time you turn off your console, the game will leave an imprint,” Cage said. “You will think about what you've seen. That's what every creative medium should achieve."
The gameplay somewhat follows the format of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book and players will find themselves influencing the course of Jodie’s entire life while alternating between playing out a series of flashbacks and present day moments.

During a recent interview, Page talked about the process of making a video game.

“No, I mean it is very different. It's so different from shooting a film, just motion capture in general is different. Of course, the actual core of what you're doing is getting to act and in a way in the most purest form, because everything is stripped away.

You don't have anything. You're not playing to one camera, you have 70 cameras around you, you're not wearing wardrobe, you're not having make-up touch ups. It's like so much just your imagination.

So yeah, it's just a different way to do the work that I love to do, and in many ways one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had as an actor. Even though I was excited about taking on this project and doing something totally different I don't think I expected it to be that. I don't think I expected it to be as insanely challenging as it was and also as unbelievably fulfilling as it was and it was both things.”

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