Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Comedy Pilot Picked Up by CBS

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Comedy Pilot Picked Up by CBS, Famed Hollywood heart-throbs Ben Affleck and Matt Damon aren’t just acting in front of the cameras these days. They’ve taken on the role of screenwriters behind the scenes as well. After the Oscar-winning success of their first collaborative effort, “Good Will Hunting,” one can only expect impeccable quality from this dynamic duo.

Not only do they have an admirable ‘bromance’ that dates back more than 15 years, they also have unprecedented on-screen chemistry.

Now, they’re moving their creative ingenuity from the big screen to sitcom TV. Entertainment Weekly confirms that the two have struck a deal with CBS to produce a comedic sitcom entitled, “More Time with Family.

After a crucial bidding war, CBS landed the deal. However, 20th Century Fox also placed a put pilot deal on the table. The put pilot deal basically covers the show, stating that if CBS doesn’t approve the show for a full series, the network will be forced to pay penalties.

So far, the CBS network has ordered a pilot commitment for the sitcom, which will star comedian Tom Papa. In addition to screenwriting, Affleck and Damon will also serve as the executive producers for the project.

The half-hour sitcom will be produced through Pearl Street Films in conjunction with the network. Based on Matt Damon’s personal experiences with a glint of Papa’s stand-up humor, the dynamics they bring to the table will be the sitcom’s foundation. Papa portrays a man who undergoes new life experiences with career changes, leaving behind his life of continuous travel on the road to spend more quality time with his family.

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