Sunday, 6 October 2013

1984 los angeles olympics

1984 los angeles olympics
1984 los angeles olympics, The Soviet Union, which is leading a boycott of the Olympics, yesterday condemned the opening of the Games as a Hollywood-style propaganda show heralding an unrepresentative competition.

Soviet television and radio virtually ignored the opening ceremony, but a report from Los Angeles by Tass described it as an "obvious political spectacle."

"This show, in the worst traditions of Hollywood, had it all: cowboys, wagons, and bare-legged girls with many American flags but no place for the Olympic ideals of sport and international friendship," Tass said.

Tass said athletes from Nato allies were greeted by the crowd with a roar of welcome produced at the instigation of official cheerleaders while a grim silence met delegations from those countries hostile to US policy.

The Games are being used shamelessly by the American authorities as propaganda for their anti-Soviet course and as an advertisement for the present incumbent of the White House, Tass said.

Moscow radio's world service said more than half the outstanding performers at the world championships in track and field events, boxing, gymnastics, wrestling, pentathlon, and rowing were not attending the Games.

In weightlifting, where one of the Games' first gold medals will be awarded, Moscow radio said not one of the medal winners at the world championships last year would be present.

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