Saturday, 11 January 2014

MC-12 crash: 'Internal engine faults' a crash cause? Nocturnal mission tragedy

MC-12 crash: 'Internal engine faults' a crash cause? Nocturnal mission tragedy, An MC-12 crash that occurred this week in Afghanistan and took the lives of three Americans is now believed to have collapsed due to “internal engine faults.” This has been cited as an official cause of the tragedy, as defense authorities have confirmed that no enemy interference was behind the aircraft’s demise during its nocturnal reconnaissance mission. It is I4U News that shares these most recent details this Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014.

The MC-12 crash initially left many in the U.S. public thinking that an enemy attack or initiative struck down the airplane that killed two ISAF service workers and an American civilian this week (three victims in total). While the tragedy is confirmed to have taken place in eastern Afghanistan, security officials maintain that internal faults within the plane’s engine was the reason for the sudden fall, not enemy fire.

According to a NATO spokesman’s official statement, the MC-12 aircraft was in the middle of a routine nocturnal mission, participating in regular scouting services, when tragedy struck. Not all are believing that this crash was a simple “accident,” however, and feel that there may be more to the story that some officials want to know or admit at the current time.

“While defense officials have denied any role played in this catastrophe by the enemy, their tarnished credibility makes this claim a dubious one. Already the doubts are beginning to emerge. The problem is that on the same day, they also acknowledged that a previous helicopter casualty was caused by rivals.”

With the eastern Afghanistan region plagued by suicide bombings and acts of terrible violence, particularly in recent years, the MC-12 crash remains a tragedy of still dubious circumstances that killed three Americans. NATO has announced that they are investigating the incident and what engine faults may have led to the fatal flight trouble and subsequent collapse in the middle of the mission.

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