Monday, 11 November 2013

Kate Beckinsale Knox

Kate Beckinsale Knox, The 40-year-old actress, who's perhaps best known on the big screen for her blockbuster Underworld franchise, is taking an indie turn in director Michael Winterbottom's movie about the highly publicized Amanda Knox murder trial,The Face of an Angel, which shot in Rome over the weekend.

In it, Beckinsale plays a journalist who teams up with a documentary filmmaker (Rush's Daniel Brühl) to uncover the mystery of who killed British student Meredith Kercher, a controversial case which has sharply divided public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic, especially after Knox and her ex Raffaele Sollecito had their convictions overturned.

And by the looks of the set photos that have surfaced, Kate's taking her latest gig quite seriously as she was spotted at Rosati bar and restaurant in the Piazza del Popolo on Sunday, wearing a blue jacket, denim jeans, white T-shirt, lavender cashmere scarf and carrying a navy blue handbag.

She and her 35-year-old costar sat down at a table and filmed a scene in which they presumably talked about the slaying.

And if you ask Beckinsale, she's not concerned in the least that her latest flick will ruffle any feathers given its sensitive subject matter, particularly among the case's critics and bloggers online.

"Don't think I haven't had my share of nutters," the British thesp told the Telegraph in an interview.  "I've worn latex head-to-toe in three movies, after all."

That's partly because The Face of an Angel is not so much about Knox and Kercher and the events of that terrible night as it is about her and Brühl's characters, who are on the periphery and loosely based on real-life figures.
"My character plays a sort of Virgil, a guide who leads the director through this dark world," said the Total Recall star.

The Face of an Angel is slated to hits theaters later next year.

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